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About our Winery
Paris WineryFrom humble beginnings to the realization of their dream, owners Ruggero and Lisa Ciarrocchi and Daughter Diana Gunderson opened Paris Winery in April 2008. They originally discovered the rolling hillsides that would soon become acres of grapevines while fleeing from the hurricanes in Florida. From the air, the landscape reminded them of the Tuscany hillsides. Airport manager Don Davenport convinced them to check into the local real estate around Paris and they found a piece of land that was big enough for them to put a runway on. The farm was originally a cornfield with not even as much as a dirt road. Filling their land with cattle, pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits and domestic animals, they decided to plant a few acres of grapevines to make some personal wine. The vineyard started with 5500 vines and today there is over 9000 vines comprised of 23 types of grapes. About 3 years later, they decided to open the winery. The winery opened in late April 2008 and now boasts 26 different wines to choose from. Designed in a Venetian style architecture, the winery offers daily wine tasting and their Summer concert series “Concerts In The Vineyards,” every few Saturdays. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape and views from the tasting room, as well as stroll through the vineyards and enjoy the grapevines.

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Current Wines


Paris Peach : A light, refreshing wine bursting with the natural sweetness of a perfectly ripe peach. Very clean to the palette and has no aftertaste. Enjoy this wine chilled on a hot summer day. Pour over shortbread or other light cake for a southern sensation of fresh cobbler.

Spumante : (Spoo-mon-te) Giving any occasion a reason for a toast, our Spumante is a sparkling white wine with exciting fizziness on your tongue and relaxes your taste buds with a sweet finish. Pair with Paris Peach for a wonderful cocktail known as a Bellini!

Moscato : Refreshingly light and smooth, our Moscato has hints of orange blossom, honeysuckle, ginger and ripe peach overtones. Sweet, with just a hint of sparkle, serve well chilled with light desserts, sorbets and fruit pastries.

Sweet White Wine : A sophisticated semi-sweet white wine, smooth in taste with a sweet, creamy finish! Mix with orange soda and freeze for a summertime slushy treat!

Paris Strawberry : A sweet pink surprise greets you with the familiar smell of strawberry shortcake and Grandmas canned jams, serve alone or pair with some fresh strawberries for delightful dessert.

Sangria : Sweet & delicious, our Sangria is so fruity, if we were closer to the Equator, you might call it tropical! Serve chilled, with fresh fruit and mild cheeses!

Tower Red : Our version of jam! This concord wine smells like it should be spread on toast. Sweet, but not overwhelming, and without aftertaste, it reminds us of eating ripe, juicy grapes right off the vine. Pair with our Spumante for a truly fun wine spritzer.

Blackberry : A deliciously fruity experience that is almost as exciting to smell as it is to taste. Our Blackberry stays true to its wild roots. Serve chilled and over vanilla ice cream or pair with peanut toffee or light pastries.

Music City Melody Blend : A perfect blend of Tower Red and Blackberry, designed to rock your taste buds. A wine fit for a rockstar, starts sweet and finishes with an enjoyable tartness. You have to try this wine, it’ll be the talk of the town.


Old Time Muscadine : As the name implies, it finishes with the same flavors of muscadine grapes that immediately reminds you of that good old southern hospitality and gentile manner.

Riesling : Like it was sent from Heaven, the green apple flavor of this crisp, semi-sweet white wine are as grand as the Eiffel Tower itself! Best when served chilled, our favorite pairings include delicately flavored and lightly seasoned foods.

Ruby Red : Our port style dessert wine with the texture of liquid chocolate, the rich flavors of black cherry and raspberry bring out the oaky backbone in this sweet, dessert wine. It is best enjoyed chilled after dinner or while relaxing during the evening with your favorite cigar.


Pinot Grigio : (PEE-no GREE-Geo) As crisp as the air after a freshly mowed lawn, slightly sweet and dry at the same time this Pinot Grigio is well balanced and pairs well with wild game, pork entrees fruit and soft cheeses.

Chardonnay : (SHAR-da-nay) An extraordinary combination of French and American oak aging accompanies a light, crisp flavor to make our wonderful Chardonnay very out of the ordinary. Serve chilled with barbecue, seafood or a T-bone and you will love every satisfying drop!

French Style Chardonnay : This extraordinary varietal is reminiscent of the pricey ‘Blanc de Blanc’. A delicate sparkle, lean texture, balanced acidity. Opening a bottle of this wine will make any day a Holiday! After all "Everyday is Chardonnay!"


Vino Classico : Seductive yet subtle, 6 years old and made from 100% Sangiovese Grapes grown here. Featured in the traditional Chianti style bottle, reminiscent of Bistro tables across Europe.

Ruggeros Best : (Roo-jer-os) As smooth as silk, the finish on this blend is absolutely delightful. The vanilla and caramel flavors added by the American Oak aging are the first flavors encountered and seem to coat your tongue with velvet. The bold, complex flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, are balanced perfectly by the delicate flavors of the Sangiovese & Syrah grapes.

Syrah : (Sir-ahhhhh!) Light yet full-bodied with notes of vanilla and caramel, aged smoothly in oak. Pairs well with pastas, seafood and red meats. If wine cellars were oysters, this would be the pearl! A perfect addition to any wine collection or cellar, our Syrah will age with grace!

Brunello : (broo-nell-o) The bouquet and flavor reveal hints of flowers, violet, smoke, dark cherries and wild herbs, liquorice and vanilla as it opens to superb depth and concentration; Lingering persuasively on the palette resulting in perfect harmony and an exceptional tannin structure.

Cabernet Sauvignon : (CA-burr-nay Saw-vin-yawn) Uncannily strong aromas of leather and black cherries will greet your nose at the first whiff. Sniff this wine and try to identify the other terrific influences of our Cab! Perfect with any meal.

Vino Rosso : (VEE-no RO-so) As sweet as it is dry, this well accomplished red wine is full of flavor and body! Paired with spicy pasta and sea food this wine has yet to meet a companion that overwhelms it!

Red Zinfandel : Zinfully delightful with strong peppery notes, followed by anise and berry flavors, it is dry but not overwhelming, and leaves your mouth with a nice, smooth finish.

Redneck Red : A semi-sweet blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Zinfandel.

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